MEN'S PREMS | Amalgamated Builders Limited: Southern Premier League
No Match
WOMEN'S PREMS | Affinity Mortgage Advisors: Women's Premier League
No Match
2ND'S | Fluid Recruitment: Men's Division 1
Played Caversham AFC at Ellis Park
DRAW 1 - 1
3RD'S | Back In Motion: Men's Division 2
DEFAULT by Caversham AFC
WIN 0 - 3
BLACK'S | Hugh Madden Ltd: Men's Division 2
Played Otago University AFC Cobras at Bayfield Park
LOSS 3 - 2
BRUMBIES | Aotea Electric Ltd: Men's Division 3
Played Green Island AFC Rovers at Brockville
LOSS 1 - 5

17 July
Dunedin Technical AFC Kings at Tahuna Park
LOSS 2 - 1
MUSTANGS | Switchbuild: Men's Division 4
Played Northern AFC Gentlemen at Forrester Park
WIN 1 - 5
BLACK (FORMERLY RESERVES) | David Browne Contracting Ltd: Women's Division 1
Played Mornington AFC at Mornington Park
WIN 0 - 6
SHETLANDS | Property Brokers: Women's Division 1
Played Mosgiel AFC at Ellis Park
WIN 5 - 3
WHITE (FORMERLY FILLLIES) | Hope & Sons: Women's Division 1
Played Otago University AFC Women's 3rds at Brockville
LOSS 0 - 7
ORIGINALS | Adams Plumbing & Electrical: Masters 35+
Played Highgate Harbourside at The Oval
LOSS 2 - 0
COLTS | Downie Stewart Lawyers: Masters 45+
Played Grants Braes AFC 45+ at Ellis Park
WIN 3 - 1

The only Late match at Ellis this Saturday was the Pack of Colts playing the Grants Braes lads on the Theatre of Dreamers No4. Cold? yes it was, the nippy wee Southerly had the beer bag ice re-freezing and while that suited the Pilsner's the IPA's were a tad past they're optimal tastie temp, but the troops persevered enjoying Con's shout.

A first goal in the Colts colours for big Nigel settled the team, as per the script our passing Midfield duo supplied the ball into the box for the industrious Nige to slap past the diving keeper. For what seemed like most of the match RJ prowled the box in hunt of more goals and was rewarded with a class penalty finish and a clever effort past who I would rate as the best keeper in the grade - expect Merc and Lyall of course! and maybe Chris Connor.

3-1 up was the final result and POD most likely went to RJ. GD was once again in the running along with Jabs and Scotty at the back kept the GB's frustrated in their efforts to pressure us. Thanks to Sid for Reffing a good 1st half, and Merc on the 2nd, also good, cheers boys.

POD - Richard Johnston.

Giddy up you Colts..
TROJANS | Connor Consulting: Masters 45+
Played Green Island AFC 45+ Gold at Sunnyvale
LOSS 8 - 1

A weakened and injured Trojans outfit headed out to Sunnyvale for a clash against GI Gold. There were large patches of positive play but overall the bounce of the ball went against us and at least 3 soft goals trickled in. An 8-1 loss did not really reflect our efforts but we flush the dunny on that one, lick our wounds and welcome the bye this weekend.

Professor of Zoology and part time opera singer Jon Waters was our player of the day with an inspired performance to set up some attacks and assist David Hunter's 3rd strike of the season.
DRAW for 24 July
Men's Prems: 2.45pm vs Northern AFC at Forrester Park

Women's Prems: 12.30pm vs Queenstown AFC at Ellis Park

2nds: 12.30pm vs Mosgiel AFC at Brockville

3rds: 12.30pm vs Dunedin Technical AFC at Ellis Park

Blacks: 12.30pm vs Mosgiel AFC at Brockville

Brumbies: 2.45pm vs Northern AFC at Forrester Park

Mustangs: 12.30pm vs Grants Braes AFC at Brockville

Women's Black: 12.30pm vs Dunedin Technical AFC at Ellis Park

Shetlands: BYE

Women's White: 12.30pm vs Otago University AFC at Bayfield Park

Originals: 2.45pm vs South Dunedin 35s at Brockville

Colts: 2.45pm vs Northern AFC Legends at Ellis Park

Trojans: 2.45pm vs Mosgiel AFC at Ellis Park

Please note the draw is subject to change.
You can find the official draws here:

This Friday we host local club star and stalwart Bridgette Russell for a legends night from 7:30pm at the club.

Get along and support Bridgette and hear her story.
We are planning a meeting about how Dunedin Suburbs United will look next year for our club.

This Thursday, 22 July from 7.30pm at the club rooms.

All members, players and anyone else interested are invited along.
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Prize Ticket
$100.00 81: Todd & Carolyn
$50.00 33: Jez
$50.00 23: Charlie
$25.00 47: Pete Hill
$25.00 39: Evelyn Facer
$25.00 88: Dan Todd
$25.00 74: 3rd Blacks
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