The long weekend brought a mixture of results both in the local leagues and the cup competitions.

All of our teams were unbeaten on Saturday with wins for both the Men's and Women's Prems, a win to the top of the table Fletcher Cup and a draw for the Division 3 Brumbies.

Monday Cup football saw some meritorious football played for close losses in both the Kate Shepherd & Chatham Cups ending our clubs involvement in both knock out comps this year.

We are currently in a good space in the hunt for the Hanlin Shield so get along and support our teams whenever you can. This week our top of table Division 3 Brumbies play Green Island on the turf Wednesday at 6:30pm and our Men's Prems play this Sunday 3pm on the turf vs Dunedin City Royals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our hard working committee who keep the club ticking behind the scenes. This team puts in the hours in a number of ways to make the game flow freely on the field. Well done Pat, PV, Gaz, EJ, Tom, Colin, Kushla, Sauce, Dennis, Wayne & Belinda for all of your hard work.

Giddy up!
Wayne Facer
RWAFC President
MEN'S PREMS | Amalgamated Builders Limited: Southern Premiership
Played Northern Hearts AFC at Ellis Park
WIN 5 - 4

2. Michael Sannum. 3. Alex Cornille. 4. Mitchell Gray. 5. Luke Williams. 6. Sam Mepham. 7. Shay Thom. (C) 9. Sam Cosgrove. 10. Finn Bielski-Cook. 11. Arnon Tapp. 12. Jack McFarlane. 13. Ben Williams-Davies. 14. Nathan Wilkie. 15. Ben Sinnott. 19. Luke Clissold. 20. Oscar Black. 21. Kavindu Bhagya.

Today's game against Northern Hearts was an absolute ripper, Hearts didn't give up which is a credit to them as a team and a club.

This weeks training was based around quick transitional play of getting forward early. Our five goals scored today were all fantastically executed from each goal scorer. Our first goal is scored after two minutes through a great break on the right hand side by Finn Bielski-Cook he wrong foots the left back and drives towards goal then passes into Nathan Wilkie who finishes superbly. Our second goal is from a very good bit of individual perseverance by Finn Bielski-Cook again running at this time their right back and cutting in towards the goal and striking an unstoppable shot giving us a two goal lead. Our third goal is from the ever present Nathan Wilkie again making some great space for himself and scoring another goal to give us a three to nil lead at half time.

The chat at half time is about keeping our shape better and being sure to close down Hearts quickly, and to make sure that we don't give them any clear strikes at goal let alone any goals! We start slowly in the second half and Northern Hearts are playing very direct football which is rattling us a bit. Hearts deservedly score two goals in the space of 10 minutes through there leading goal scorer Baily Chambers, the more direct that Hearts play the more we begin to panic, our skipper Shay Thom calms the troops down and gets us back to playing our way with quick interplay of the ball. We are rewarded with a deserved goal to Ben Williams-Davies who runs towards goal from a Wilkie interchange, Ben shows great composure to lob the keeper and give us a two goal buffer. Our fifth and final goal was an absolute gem, Michael Sannum receives the ball in our half of the pitch and dribbles down the left at pace beating at least 4 players on the way he does a step over outside the box and drives into the 18 yard box and finishes superbly into the left hand side of the goal.

Hearts put us onto the back foot again with another two goals. We manage to see the game out with a lot of near misses and a lot of scrambling. We now go on to play Mosgiel in the Chatham Cup at home on Monday. The squad will be a chance for some new guys to get an opportunity to play in the first team.

Players of note today, Nathan Wilkie leading our line well today and ever present, Finn Bielski-Cook until taken off did well, Michael Sannum Mr Consistent, and Player of the day was Shay Thom absolutely in a different league today leading by example.

I would like to take this chance to farewell one of our players being Sam Mepham, he will lead the team on Monday against Mosgiel with that being his final game for the club, Sam has been an example and a great senior player around the group, he leaves knowing that when he came in at pre season we had a very young side. But can leave knowing full well that he has played a big part in their development, and improvement as young men, Sam I personally would like to say thank you for your commitment and your time and I wish you and your family all the best in your future endeavours.

MEN'S PREMS | Amalgamated Builders Limited: Chatham Cup
Played Mosgiel AFC at Ellis Park
LOSS 1 - 2

1. Tom Stevens. 2. Michael Sannum. 3. Alex Cornille. 5. Luke Williams. 6. Sam Mepham. (C) 8. Corey Reid. 9. Sam Cosgrove. 10. Finn Bielski-Cook. 11. Reid Hulleman. 13. Ben Williams-Davies. 15. Ben Sinnott. 16. Taku Maviza. 17. Harley Rodeka. 19. Luke Clissold. 20. Oscar Black. 21. Kavindu Bhagya.

Big ask today to back up from a game 2 days ago. We fielded a team worthy of getting a result today but fell just short. A mixture of cusp players from the Fletcher Cup team and Prems didn't disappoint either. For me the Mosgiel side mainly made up of their South Island league team weren't at their best but for me it was more about us really putting them under the pump from the get go.
Today to say that I am an understatement.

Mosgiels two goals were simply from two bad decisions. We can clearly look back at this as a real clear result for us and take the learnings from it as well. Our consolation goal is scored from the penalty spot by Michael Sannum and it was won when Harley Rodeka ran onto a through ball and was quicker to get a touch on the ball.

The club looks like we are in good stead going forward, we now must focus on our task at hand which is the league. All players were Excellent today - shout outs to Alex Cornille who was quality today, Corey Reid played with a great workrate, and young Kavindu Bhagya was excellent, but man of the match was Ben Sinnott, he was an absolute beast, into everything tackling, passing, challenging everything.

We now focus on Sunday against the Royals for a real challenge.
Take care, 
WOMEN'S PREMS | Affinity Mortgage Advisors: Southern Premiership
Played Queenstown AFC at Ellis Park
WIN 4 - 0

1. Kate Hannay, 2. Saffron Hare, 3. Sophie Wylie, 4. Jemma Wilson, 5. Francesca Traini, 6. Holly White, 7. Sophia Body, 8. Alex Maffey, 9. Jasmine Prince, 10. Emma Black, 11. Sam Grey, 12. Kate Watson 13. Zara Pratley, 14. Beth Fitchett, 15. Abbey Neilson, 17. Rebecca Johnstone.

We went into the game even on points with Queenstown, knowing it was an important game to pull ahead of them on the table. A strong squad to pick from after a good week of training. We started well, stringing passes together freely and creating a couple of early chances. Queenstown had the odd chance on the break but was quickly dealt with by our defensive line. Many through balls rolled to keeper Kate who was confident and helped us play out from the back. We played to our game plan of hitting them through the middle with Abbey, Emma and Holly combining well to set Jasmine, Zara and Jemma going forward. Our first goal came from a well hit corner from Zara that Holly volleyed into the top corner.

This lifted us and we came close with another quick couple of chances. Eventually we were rewarded again with a through ball slipped through to Jasmine who saw the keeper coming off her line and chipped it over her. 2-0 at the half and the squad was ready for another half, keen to add to the score.

We continued to combine well and create space. This allowed both fullback Saffron and Alex to get forward and create problems for the Queenstown defense. A few more chances came our way but were defended well by Queenstown, who got themselves into the game for a 10 minute period but Sam and Beth held the backline and kept them scoreless with Kate again providing a calming influence at the back.

Subs came on with Sophie, Frankie, RJ, Kate and Sophia all coming on throughout the half. Holly proved her talents on two more occasions to complete her hat-trick to cap off a solid performance from her. With the game finishing 4-0, a very good scoreline against a team known for being hard to break down. A great team performance and setting a really high standard for the team going forward. Player of the day went to Jasmine Prince for her high work rate that set the tone for the game. Special mention to Holly for her hat-trick.
WOMEN'S PREMS | Affinity Mortgage Advisors: Kate Sheppard Cup
Played Dunedin City Royals FC at Tahuna Park
LOSS 2 - 0

1. Kate Hannay, 2. Saffron Hare, 3. Sophie Wylie, 4. Jemma Wilson, 5. Francesca Traini, 6. Holly White, 7. Amelia Newslands, 8. Alex Maffey, 9. Jasmine Prince, 10. Emma Black, 11. Sam Grey, 13. Zara Pratley, 14. Beth Fitchett, 15. Abbey Neilson, 17. Rebecca Johnstone

Round 2 of the Kate Sheppard Cup saw us at Tahuna Park facing off with the Dunedin City Royals. We headed into the match as underdogs but with confidence in our abilities after a great game the previous Saturday. We started the game off strong with our back 4 Alex, Sam, Beth and Saffy stopping any attempted advances from the Royals. Goalkeeper Kate had an amazing game and pulled off an incredible save from a penalty keeping us in the game. Ending the first half our midfield consisting of Holly, Emma and Abbey had worked well together to prevent the Royals midfield from making any easy plays through the centre of the park and managed to keep some key playmakers out of the game.

Heading into the 2nd half the score was 0-0 and we were happy with our game so far.  Dunedin City Royals came out with an increase in energy and we found ourselves on defence for much of the 2nd half, although our defensive efforts were good, an excellent shot from the Royals left us 1-0 down. Amelia made her way onto the field in right fullback and provided some fresh legs to reinforce our strong defence. Throughout the game we made some strong attempts to attack through our wingers Zara and Jemma who put in huge work to attack down the sidelines looking to play the ball to Striker Jas who worked tirelessly the whole game to put pressure on the Royals defence. The final 20 minutes saw an unlucky goal through a deflection falling the way of the Royals.

Sophie, RJ and Frankie all came on to the pitch all working hard and helping to halt any attacks from the Royals in the final minutes of the game. The game ended with us 2-0 down but we are incredibly happy and proud of ourselves and each other for the incredible team effort put in to hold the Dunedin City Royals to their lowest scoreline so far this season.

Player of the Day went to Kate Hannay, an absolute wall in the goal and a superb penalty save. Mentions also to Sam Grey who was unbeatable in the backline.
2ND'S | Fluid Recruitment: Men's Division 1
Played Otago University AFC at The Turf
WIN 2 - 3
POD - Joe
BRUMBIES | Education Enterprises: Men's Division 3
Played Otago University AFC at Logan Park
DRAW 2 - 2
Men's Prems: Sunday 12 June 3.00pm vs Dunedin City Royals FC at The Turf

Women's Prems: 12.30pm vs Mosgiel AFC at Memorial Park

2nds: 12.30pm vs Northern AFC at Ellis Park

3rds: 12.30pm vs Northern AFC at Brockville

Brumbies: TONIGHT 6:30pm vs Green Island AFC at The Turf
Brumbies: 2.45pm vs Dunedin City Royals FC at Ellis Park

Mustangs: 12.30pm vs Dunedin City Royals FC at Tonga Park

Cowboys: 12.30pm vs Grants Braes AFC at Brockville

Reserves: 12.30pm vs Dunedin City Royals FC at Tahuna Park

Shetlands: 2.45pm vs Balclutha AFC at Balclutha Showgrounds

Originals: 2.45pm vs Green Island AFC at Brockville

Colts: 2.45pm vs Green Island AFC at Sunnyvale

Trojans: 2.45pm vs Northern AFC at Ellis Park

Please note the draw is subject to change.
You can find the official draws here:

  • Saturday 16 July - Old Boys/Girls Day
  • Saturday 23 July 7.30pm - Local Refreshment Festival
  • Friday 19 August 7.00pm - Quiz Night
  • Sunday 11 September 2.00pm - 100 Club Afternoon Tea
  • Saturday 24 September 5.00pm - Prizegiving
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